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Lamination Ritual As a Virtual Metaphor

Lamination Ritual celebrates the transformation of the mundane into the realms of OFFICIALDOM, of ordinary into extraordinary. Lamination is completely participatory and accessible to everyone. Lamination is versatile. It can be an object of utility or whimsical extravagance. It can warm the body and open the mind. Lamination preserves, brightens and protects indiscriminately. Lamination counters our increasingly fast paced world by virtually slowing down the entropy process. Lamination provides a way to preserve for years fragile and transient items which would otherwise be lost or discarded in a few days or even seconds. And finally, every lamination has its own unique sound. The Sound of Lamination is the sound of anticipation, of the great process of life.

The Ministry of Lamination is just one of Ken Montgomery's projects, for information on others...

Thanks to everybody who threw money into
the window.  We hope everyone enjoys
their laminations!  Officially Yours,
Egnekn, the Minister of Lamination &
Andrea, the Enchantress of Bioluminosity

November 6th, 2009 - January 22nd, 2010
Dana Gallery
John Cotton Dana Library, 4th Floor
185 University Ave, Newark, NJ
and more coming up

In a confusing world, lamination produces security, satisfaction and a sense that "something is happening".